Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v5

9. ST585 & Wireless LAN Security

Background reading:

WPA2® (Wi-Fi Protected Access® 2)
Wi-Fi Alliance

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WPA2. V5.4 of the ST585 firmware supports WPA + AES (WPA2-PSK), and this is the WLAN security setting you should use.

Windows XP.If the wireless adapter on your PC does not support WPA2, upgrade its drivers. If the upgraded drivers still do not support WPA2, it would be best to replace the adapter with a more modern one which does implement WPA2. Do not compromise on network security.

If your PC still runs Windows XP SP2 (and you really, really should have updated to SP3 by now), you should install these patches:

Wireless Client Update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2, KB917021, 23 Aug 2007

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)/Wireless Provisioning Services Information Element (WPS IE) update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2, KB893357, 5 Nov 2007

Patches KB893357 and KB917021 are both already included in Windows XP SP3, 6 May 2008.

SSID & MAC filtering. At one time SSID (wireless network name) hiding and MAC filtering were widely recommended, but they should not be considered to be security measures. Just use WPA2 with a good Network Key (password).

If you hide the SSID on your home WLAN and then use your laptop - at home or in any other location - the laptop will by default look for your home WLAN by repeatedly broadcasting its SSID, and snoopers can easily see it. Set the router or Wireless Access Point to broadcast the SSID; in Windows XP ensure the Connect even if this network is not broadcasting setting is NOT selected in Wireless Network Connection Properties > Wireless Networks > Your_SSID > Properties > Association.

Dec 2008: No WPA2 for the poor old Sky customer.V5.4 of the ST585 firmware (Apr 2006) supports WPA2, but the current firmware for the Sky NetGear v2 (DG934G) router - V2.02.44 (Dec 2008) - does not. The story is the same for the other Sky router, the Sagem F@ST 2504 with v1.9Sky firmware (Sep 2009). Rather poor, really. I guess Sky thinks wireless security is not very important.

Apr 2010: Sky Sagem update. WPA2 at last!In April 2010 Sky rolled out a new version of the firmware for the Sagem F@ST 2504, and v2.6Sky does support WPA2.

5 April 2008 (updated 2014)