Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v5

7. Update the ST585 Configuration

Few of the advanced router settings are supported by the ST585 web pages: you must use the Command Line Interface (CLI). If the changes are to be permanent it is better practice to make such changes off-line by editing the configuration file as follows using a text editor such as Windows Notepad or Notepad++:

  1. Backup your config. to file user.ini.
  2. Copy the file and then make the required changes to produce a new config file.
  3. You will have to reset digestauth also:
    system config digestauth=disabled
  4. Check the changes by comparing the old and new files, e.g. using WinDiff from the
    Software Development Kit Update for Windows Vista.
  5. Restore the new config. file, which restarts the router using the new config.

If there prove to be problems with the changes, you can simply reload the original config. that you backed up in Step 1 above.

It is important to maintain a backup of a good, working config. This enables the following process to be used to fix awkward problems:

  1. hard reset the router to its factory default settings
  2. restore your saved config.

The configuration backup and restore functions are on ST585 web page:
Home > SpeedTouch > Configuration > Save or Restore Configuration

5 April 2008 (updated 24 July 2008)