Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v5

10. ST585 Documentation

The old Thomson SpeedTouch website (at had PDF copies of the ST585 documentation available for download. These downloads were omitted when the new Thomson website was published in July 2008 and again after re-branding as Technicolor in February 2010, and so some have been made available here.

Some manuals can be downloaded from the Technicolor Partners website.

SpeedTouch™ 585/585i Residential Wireless ADSL2+ Gateway:

pdf Data Sheet, Issue 4, Aug 2005

pdf User's Guide v1.0, Firmware R5.4, Jan 2006

pdf Quick Installation Guide, Mar 2005

pdf Installation and Setup Guide v1.0, Firmware R5.4, Nov 2005

pdf CLI Reference Guide v1.0, Firmware R5.4, Apr 2006

pdf Configuring custom IP subnets, Firmware R5.4, Jan 2006

pdf Hyper-NAT Configuration Guide v1.0, Firmware R5.3, Mar 2005

pdf IPQoS Configuration Guide v0.5, Firmware R5.3, Mar 2005

24 April 2008 (updated 6 April 2010)