Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v5

4. ST585 v5 Firmware

The final firmware release for the ST585 v5 available from the old Thomson UK web site at was Version in archive file (ST585v5UK_540B.bin / ZZUCBC5.40B, 24/01/2006).

Since some time in 2006 I have been using Version firmware (ST585_5441_UK.bin / ZZUCBE5.441, 13/04/2006) on my ST585. This fixed a couple of minor issues with the current UK version at the time, but I cannot remember what they were or from which Thomson site it was downloaded.

When the new Thomson website was published in July 2008, it was a pleasant surprise to see that the only firmware available for the ST585 v5 was Version, but this has been omitted from the Technicolor site. Version is therefore available for download here.

5 April 2008 (updated 6 April 2010)