Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v5

5. ST585 Digest Authentication

The problem. Whenever a SpeedTouch router running v5 firmware is restarted or power cycled it starts again with Digest Authentication (DA) enabled, irrespective of the previous setting. Similarly, saving the configuration to file (user.ini) results in a saved configuration which always has DA enabled. With DA enabled, you cannot login to the router from IE 7 (although you can from IE 6, Firefox 2 or 3, or Windows telnet), except in the insecure circumstance that there is no Administrator password.

The Thomson fix is for v6 only. A page on the old Thomson website ( described how to reset DA via the CLI (see below) and said, "A permanent fix for the issue will be included in a future release". This fix was delivered in 2007, but for the v6 only. The DA page was omitted when the new Thomson website was published in July 2008.

The work-around.To disable DA manually, telnet into the router from a Command window and enter the following Command Line Interface (CLI) commands:

(The command system config displays the resulting settings so you can check that DA has been successfully disabled.)

That's a bit of a hassle. It would be too much of a nuisance to telnet in and manually disable digest authentication every time the router is restarted, but there are simpler ways of doing it: use either DMT or scripted telnet.

Automate the work-around. Use of the TST10 telnet client, rather than Windows telnet.exe, makes things much easier because TST10 can run a script. Double-clicking on a suitable shortcut runs the script to disable DA and so re-enable login from IE 7.

This is how you do it for any SpeedTouch router, e.g. ST580 or ST585, running firmware v4 or v5:

Step 1. The script.

Create script file ResetDA.txt as follows, substituting your own values for IP_Address_of_Router, e.g., and Your_Password. The script file contains pairs of:

Script file:

Step 2. The shortcut.

  1. Create new folder C:\ST585.
  2. Copy TST10.exe and script file ResetDA.txt into it.
  3. Right-click on TST10.exe and click on Create Shortcut.
  4. Right-click on the new shortcut, click on Properties, and then on the Shortcut tab.
  5. Edit the Target field to define script file /r:ResetDA.txt & log file /o:ResetDA.log.
  6. Click on OK to save it.
  7. If you wish, right-click on the shortcut again and rename it.

reset digest authentication

Now you can double-click on the shortcut to disable digest authentication.

5 April 2008 (updated 24 July 2008)